Carpet Cleaning Coffs Harbour

Carpet Cleaning Coffs Harbour

You could speak to 100 different people and ask them ‘How excited are you about carpet cleaning?’, and most of them will look at you like you are an idiot and wonder what could possibly be exciting about cleaning carpets.
It’s entirely understandable, of course. Cleaning your carpets – we mean, really getting them cleaned; getting right down deep into the fibres and cleaning up the ground down dirt, bacteria and debris, is really tough work. It takes time, and some expensive equipment.
It’s not as simple as running your vacuum over your carpets every week, or wiping up spills and stains with a damp cloth. Vacuuming only sucks up the surface layer of dirt and grit, but misses entirely what is right down deep in the bottom layers of the fibre; that packed down, hard to move, dirt and bacteria that are the sources of a lot of people’s breathing problems.
The kind of cleaning we are talking about, gets right deep down there, bringing your carpet back to the kind of luxuriant freshness you can only remember when it was originally laid.
That is the kind of service that our contractors at Fresh-N-Clean Carpet Cleaning Coffs Harbour provide. The kind that makes you want to take your shoes off and caress the carpet fibres with your toes after a long day at work.

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carpet cleaning Coffs Harbour

And your carpets aren’t the only things we clean. We have a long list of services we provide. We will clean your rugs, your furniture and upholstery, the mattress you spend 8 hours a day on; we will bring your tile and grout back to their sparkling best, and our stain and odour removal services will mean you don’t have to worry any more about that weird stain your clumsy Uncle Harry caused, or that little accident on the rug your little doggie Ruffles had (or vice versa).
And we don’t only offer these services to domestic customers either; if you manage a hotel, or a theatre, office, shops or town house complexes, we offer these services to you, too. There is no job too small or too large for us to handle.
So, give us a call or fill out the contact form and one of our friendly staff will be happy to talk to you.

About US

Carpet cleaning is a serious business. A lot of the dust and debris that becomes airborne and breathed into people’s airways, causing breathing difficulties, come from being kicked up from your carpets. Cleaning your carpets can help you if you have breathing problems.
At Fresh-n-Clean Carpet Cleaning Coffs Harbour, our contractors will diligent in giving you their best efforts. They will bring your carpets, rugs, mattresses, tiles and grout back from the edge to full cleanliness.
Different materials require different types of cleans. What works for one type of carpet, may not work on another, or may damage the material. Rugs are made from a number of various types of material; some are sturdy, others are more fragile. The type of cleaning that a sturdy type of material can handle will destroy the more fragile material.
Our contractors will inspect the surfaces that you require cleaned, and will adjust their cleaning practices to ensure that your carpets, rugs, mattress, tiles and grout are protected.
There isn’t much we can’t handle. Whether your job is a simple rug or mattress clean, or you require a hotel full of carpets to be cleaned, we will handle it. So call us, or fill out the contact form. One of our friendly and helpful staff will be sure to contact you as soon as possible.

Our Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Coffs Harbour

carpet cleaning Coffs Harbour

Not all carpet are created the same. They are created with different fibres, and are cut in different styles. Some fibres and cuts require a more vigorous type of cleaning, while others require a more delicate touch.
As such, not all cleans should be the same. We will change how we perform our cleaning strategy based on the type of carpet we are to clean. That is how a professional carpet cleaning service can help you clean your carpets perfectly first time.

Upholstery Cleaning Coffs Harbour

upholstery cleaning Coffs Harbour

Our furniture – couches, sofas, and all types of chairs – get used a lot on a daily basis. Think about how much time you and your family spend on your furniture, the dirt passed on, the skin cells you have lost, the drinks and food spilled, and if you have pets, the hair they have shed.
Now think of the tiny little creatures, like dust mites, that live off the stuff that falls on to your furniture and upholstery. They are sharing the couch and the sofa with you.
You don’t really want to think about that too long, so call us. Our furniture and upholstery cleaning service will clean your beloved sofas and couches until they look and smell like brand new.

Commercial and Corporate Cleaning Coffs Harbour

Commercial cleaning Coffs Harbour

We just want to say that these services that you see listed out on this page are all available for commercial and corporate businesses, and not just limited to domestic customers. So, hotels, cinemas, office blocks, shops, restaurants …
Well, let’s put it this way. If you have carpet, our contractors can clean it. If you have rugs, we can clean it. If you have furniture and upholstery, tiles and grout, we can clean that. If you have customers or employees or guests that make stains and cause odours, we can remove the stains and odours.
Whatever the size of the job, we will handle it. Our commercial and corporate cleaning contractors are just waiting for you to call.

Tile and grout Cleaning Coffs Harbour

tile cleaning Coffs Harbour

Like carpets, having filthy tiles and grout can cause you, your family and guests some potential health issues if left unchecked.
Tiles and grout are often in places that see more water than carpet, like kitchens and bathrooms, and so can harbour bacteria and germs, and mould and mildew, if left untreated. And as our kitchens, in particular, are the places where we prepare our food, we need to keep on top of ensuring our tiles and grout are clean from those undesirable contaminants.
Call us for our tile and grout cleaning services, and let us make sure that your surfaces are cleaned as if new.

Rug Cleaning Coffs Harbour

Rug Cleaning Coffs Harbour

Rugs are often used to enhance a room’s atmosphere and vibe, to add a bit of colour, to impose your creativity and character on to a room. Often, they are placed in high-traffic areas, and requires the same kind of cleaning services as your carpets do.
Rugs, like carpets, also come in many types, and rug cleaning must also adapt to best suit the type of rug. Perform a vigorous clean on a delicate fibre, and you can ruin the rug; perform a delicate clean on a tough fibre, and you don’t clean the rug properly.
Call us for our rug cleaning services; our contractors will ensure your rug cleans up like new.

Stain and Odour Removal Coffs Harbour

stain and odour removal Coffs Harbour

We’ve all had accidents; spilt some food here, some drinks there. If you have dogs, or young kids who aren’t yet toilet trained, you know they can be particularly accident prone of a different kind.
You try and clean it up, but you don’t always get rid of all the spill. Over time, you might get a strange dark patch appearing, or there’s a smell that you can’t quite locate, but you know you don’t like it.
Call us; we have a stain and odour removal service that … well, it removes stains and odours. We will use specialised chemical treatments that make your furniture, carpets and rugs look and smell as if you just bought them.

Mattress Cleaning Coffs Harbour

mattress cleaning Coffs Harbour

Trust us … if you don’t want to have nightmares of what could be living on your mattress with you at the microscopic level, don’t read on, don’t click the link, just call us and we will clean your mattress so you don’t even have to think about it.
But, yeah … mattresses can be disgusting places if you look at them too closely. Dust-mites, living off your own flaked-off skin cells, that breed and excrete right there on your mattress.
You don’t want to know more about that. Just call us and let our mattress cleaning service clean your mattress for you.

In our busy world, it is difficult to find the time to give our carpets, upholstery, tiles, rugs and mattress the attention they require.

To do a good job of cleaning requires time and effort, and with everything trying to attract your attention on a daily basis, it makes sense that some things fall by the way side.

This is why you should call us. Our contractors will ensure a professional, quick and affordable service.

We aim to take pride in our work, and we look forward to working with you into the future. 

​Call us, or fill in our free quote form and our friendly staff will be happy to speak with you.

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Have Questions? See Below For Some Answers

Why Do I Need To Clean My Carpets?

It doesn’t take much effort to realise how much stress our carpets come under every day. We walk on them on dirty feet, in dirty shoes. We occasionally spill food on them, and try to wipe them clean before the food stains. If we have pets and let them in the house, carpets often become places for pets to shed hair. They have to deal with a lot of foot traffic, both of the human and animal kind.

All of this traffic has an effect. Even if we think we have cleaned it up, dropped food and drink can leave small stains and food particles behind, which become attractants to insects and other small animals which can leave diseases behind. Animal hair and shed animal skin cells create more food for dust mites to eats, as does our own dead skin cells. And pets pee.
A lot.
And that urine leaves a smell that only gets worse over time.
Not only do clean carpets give a welcoming vibe to the home, a colourful, cheery atmosphere that draws positive attention, dirty carpets can inversely affect your health. It is for reasons such as these that you should have your carpets regularly cleaned.

How Does Cleaning My Carpets Improve My Health?

Carpets trap dirt, dust, bacteria, pet hair, dead skin cells and the things that feast upon them, and many other things you would prefer not to think about, deep within their fibres. And when you walk across your carpet, these things can become airborne. Once airborne, they can easily be inhaled, and once inhaled, they can cause some people some very dangerous problems.
People who have breathing problems like asthma, who have allergies, or have eczema which can be triggered by allergies are particularly vulnerable to the airborne contaminants that are housed within the fibre layers.
Unfortunately, vacuuming isn’t enough. Not even a bi-weekly rigorous schedule of vacuuming.  This is because vacuums only suck up the surface layer contaminants. If you think of your carpet like a forest, vacuums only suck up the dirt, dust, bacteria and dead skin cells at the canopy level, but way down on the forest floor of the fibres, the contaminants remain.
These deep-down contaminants can only be removed with a thorough carpet clean by professional carpet cleaners. Only such a clean can bring you carpets back to life, and help protect those vulnerable with breathing issues.

How Often Should I Clean My Carpets?

The answer for most people will be ‘More than you currently clean them at the moment.’
But this answer isn’t specific enough, so we’ll get more specific.
At the very least, you should have your carpets cleaned every twelve months. Some carpet warranties require their carpets to be cleaned that often.
If you have children, you might have to do it more often, like every nine months. If you have pets, this might need to be every six to nine months, particularly if the pet is old and/or pees a lot. This might also be the case if you smoke, or you often have large parties.
However often the case might be, you need to be vigilant in looking at the signs that your carpet is in need of a good clean. If your carpet becomes dirty, or begins to smell, or if your skin begins to itch after sitting on your carpet, this could all be signs that you need to bring in a professional cleaner.

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